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Organic Utopia Products


Thomas Canning is leading the way in developing organically produced tomato products. We understand that there are many consumers looking for more naturally produced food sources, preferring and trusting organically produced food over conventionally produced and processed products.

At the heart of organic production is a belief in working with nature through an ecologically sustainable system. The focus is on long-term sustainable production versus short-term maximum production – with pest avoidance taking priority over pest control. Key practices used by organic farmers include crop rotation, nutrient building through residue management and the use of an integrated cultural and biological tool package to control pests.

To support the demand for organic food, Thomas Canning has secured its certification as a processor of organic tomato products and has worked closely with selected growers in the production of organically produced tomatoes. These growers have earned their organic certification and have worked hard to understand and succeed in the production of organic tomatoes. We support and applaud their efforts and have worked equally as hard to produce the following organic tomato products:

Organic Utopia Products


Utopia Organic Crushed Tomatoes

Utopia Organic Canada Fancy Tomato Juice

28 ounce size

48 ounce size


Utopia Organic Canada Choice Whole Tomatoes


28 and 100 ounce sizes