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A Look at Personal Health


Personal health is becoming an increasingly important topic of discussion in our society today. It is a topic that extends beyond looking at our physical condition alone. Personal health is a reflection of our physical and mental well being as well as a reflection of our interaction with the environment. This is in terms of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the foods we eat, our physical activity and the interaction we have with people and nature. Personal health both determines and is determined by our quality of life, capturing our general sense of happiness and satisfaction with our lives and living environments.

Environmental factors actually play a critical role in human development and our health. A healthy environment not only produces healthier food products for us to consume, but also impacts on our personal well-being and outlook on life. According to the World Health Organization, "In its broadest sense, environmental health comprises those aspects of human health, disease, and injury that are determined or influenced by factors in the environment."

Thomas Canning, through Utopia brand tomato products, is providing a vehicle and vision to improve personal health. We do this first by producing highly nutritious tomato products that provide many benefits to our physical well-being. Second, we are committed, through our approach to business, to use sustainable production and processing practices that protect and conserve our environment.